what is
inclusive play?

Inclusive play is about all children, regardless of ability, having the opportunity to equally access and participate in play environments. 

inclusive play?

Children with special needs can often be made to feel that they are excluded from mainstream society. Consequently, this leads to feelings of inferiority.  

Inclusive play can help to bridge the divide that separates typically developing children from children with special needs. Both groups can benefit from these play methods and learn a lot during interacting with those that differ from themselves. 

what are the benefits of inclusive play?

Inclusive play opportunities can benefit children and their families by encouraging us to accept and value the differences that exist between all of us. Further benefits include; 

  • a clear understanding of our communities and the world.
  • a more diverse play environment which includes different attitudes, languages, ways of moving and doing things.
  • a positive sense of self and reinforced identity.
  • an understanding of fairness and equality.
  • a more creative approach to life.